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SURF NM Non-emulsifier

SURF NM is a highly effective non-ionic, non-emulsifier that prevents emulsions in both acid and fracturing fluids and is designed (a) to have excellent compatibility with a variety of acidizing or fracturing compounds such as corrosion inhibitors, iron control agents, anti-sludge agents, gelling agents and crosslinkers and (b) to deliver a very low surface tension, aiding in wettability and water recovery. SURF NM contains surfactants which deliver superior break times normally within 60 seconds even in the presence of crude oils with a high probability for sludge build-up. It is designed to be formulated in HCl acid or in a fracturing fluid at dosage levels ranging from 0.50– 2.00 gal of SURF NM per 1000 gal of base fluid for non-emulsification purposes and offers an extremely cost effective and high quality alternative compared to other products.