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Defoamers / Foaming agents

FOAM PLUS Foaming agent

FOAM PLUS is an aqueous solution containing an ethoxylated alcohol ether sulfate formulated with amphoteric foam boosters and enhancers. FOAM PLUS is designed for use in air mist and stable foam drilling, gas well de-watering. It is a high performance foaming agent that produces superior foam quality and stability in a wide variety of fluids and field conditions. FOAM PLUS is recommended for use in fresh water, KCl and field brines with chloride concentrations in excess of 150,000 mg/L.


NO FOAM Antifoaming agent

FOAM STOP additive is a wide-application product that reduces the foaming tendencies of water base muds. It is compatible with freshwater muds, seawater muds, brine systems and all common mud additives. The recommended normal treatment ranges from 0.20 to 0.40 lbs/bbl.