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LUBE ECO Lubricant

LUBE ECO is a non-polluting drilling fluid lubricant and shale control additive for water based mud systems. It is based on a biodegradable complex ester, ethers and vegetable oil. It is non-fluorescing and will not interfere with core and cutting analysis. LUBE ECO has been used in Arctic drilling conditions for years and is pourable/pumpable even in the most extreme conditions and without affecting product performance. The recommended normal treatment range from 0.50 to 4.00 % by volume.


LUBE GL Lubricant

LUBE GL is a glycol-based product and is an excellent lubricant and shale inhibitor with world-wide usage in drilling fluids. It is dispersible in all types of water based fluids, is not affected by contaminants, and will not interfere with rheological properties. LUBE GL forms a hydrodynamic barrier between the drill pipe and sidewall. It coats shale and cuttings and decreases disintegration of shales and gumbos. The recommended normal treatment range from 2.0 to 5.0 % by volume.


LUBE ULTRA Lubricant

LUBE ULTRA is a highly effective and environmentally acceptable ester-base lubricant used in most water-base drilling fluids. Used as lubricant for highly deviated or horizontal wells to minimize torque, drag, differential sticking and bit balling problems. The recommended normal treatment range from 0.50 to 2.00 % by volume.


SLIDE Lubricant

SLIDE is a multi-phase lubricant that is designed to decrease the co-efficient of friction in all water-base drilling fluids. SLIDE decreases the coefficient of friction that reduces torque, drag and the potential for differential sticking in the wellbore.
SLIDE lubricant is a suspension of divinyl styrene benzene copolymer drill beads in a lubricant that is hydrocarbon free. The co-polymer beads add to the mechanical effect, embedding themselves in the filter cake of the open hole and providing a mechanical «rollerbearing» effect in cased holes, reducing metal on metal friction. The recommended normal treatment range from 0.50 to 4.00 % by volume.