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Colmatage agents

LCM FIBRE Lost circulation material

LCM FIBRE is a fiber material which can be used in the slurry pumped across the zone where you expect losses. Synthetic fiber LCM FIBRE material is added to cement slurry and a three-dimensional fiber – bridged cement cake is formed in fracture, vugular pore space, thus preventing cement slurry from leaking. Fiber cement can enhance the toughness and impact resistance if the cement sheath. LCM FIBRE product has a few benefits: availability, resistance to corrosion and degradation. LCM FIBRE material has different linear dimensions from 3 to 15 mm.


LCM GLASS Lost circulation material

LCM GLASS additive is a lost circulation material for cementing and drilling. It used for lost circulation and can enhance the mechanical properties of cement. LCM GLASS can add cohesiveness, increase ductility, and add resiliency to set cement, thus helping provide long-term durability while helping control cracking and rubblizing during drilling and perforating.


LCM Poly-O-Flake Lost circulation material

LCM FLAKE additive is an lost circulation product that can be used in any common drilling and cementing fluids. It consists of polyester flakes — round shape 6.40 mm (1/4”) and oval 6.40х9.50mm (1/4”х 3/8”). LCM FLAKE additive is stable and insoluble in water, does not adversely affect compressive strength, and has a low specific gravity needed to control lost circulation.