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Fluxing additives

SMAB Chemical extender

Silicate based product SMAB is normally dry blended and used as a chemical extender in oil well cements for light weight slurries creating. Light weight slurries can be formulated by blending SMAB with the lime present in cement or by the addition of calcium chloride to produce a calcium silicate gel. This gel structure creates enough viscosity to allow for additional mix water without the problem of excess free water separation. SMAB is normally added in a concentration of 0.30 to 2.00 % by weight of cement. Resulting slurry densities range from 1300-1700 kg/m3.


G-Microspheres Light weight filler

High-performance hollow glass microsphere G-Microspheres is a kind of ultra-lightweight inorganic non-metallic material with hollow structure, and it is a versatile and high -performance new lightweight material developed in recent years. It will be the new composite materials at 21st century. Its true density is 0.15-0.60 g/cm3 with 2-120 um in diameter. It owns features with light weight, large bulky, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, smoothly mobility etc. Because of its high compressive properties, it can be used to produce high-strength, low-density cement slurry and low-density drilling fluid in oil and gas extraction industry.


A-Microspheres Light weight filler 

A-Microspheres (cenospheres light fraction of fly ash, bottom ash microspheres , microspheres energy ashes) are hollow beads with a size range of 20-500 microns (most often, 100 — 250 microns) and a by-product of coal burning power plants, used to reduce cement slurry density to as low as 1000-1300 kg/m3. These lightweight slurries are typically used in areas with low fracture gradients to eliminate the need for multistage cementing. A-Microspheres are not recommended for use where the bottom hole pressure exceeds the crush strength of the microsphere. A-Microspheres may be added at up to 40% by weight of cement and are compatible with all classes of cement but must be dry blended and not premixed in the water.